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KEO Multiple Histograms Getter 2

The module retrieves the histograms of the given tiles.

Input / Output description:

  • Inlet 1 tile IDs (The identifiers of the tiles whose histograms must be retrived)
  • Inlet 2 primitive feature (The name of the primitive feature whose histograms for the given tiles must be retrieved)
  • Inlet 3 KARISMA URL (The URL of the KARISMA server to be used, default "http://applications.keo-karisma:80/")
  • Outlet 1 histograms (an array of files containing the histograms for all given tiles. Each file will be an ASCII JSON-formatted array file with the 128 histogram values)

Beyond the common errors conditions (empty name, …), the module will fail if:

  1. the tile identifiers doesn't identify an existent tile in the system;
  2. primitive feature name doesn't identify an existent classfile for the given tiles.

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