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KEO Multiple Classfiles Getter 1

The module retrieves the classfiles of the given product from KIM database through a Karisma server.

Input / Output description:

  • Inlet 1 product ID (The identifier of the product whose classfiles must be retrived)
  • Inlet 2 primitive feature (The name of the primitive feature whose classfiles for the given product must be retrieved)
  • Inlet 3 KARISMA URL (The URL of the KARISMA server to be used, default “http://applications.keo-karisma:80/”)
  • Outlet 1 classfiles (an array of files containing the classfiles for all tiles coming from the given product. Each file will be a single byte, single band GeoTIFF with values in the 0..127 range, with 0 assumed to be the invalid pixel value. Classfiles will have the same image size of the given product's tiles.)

Beyond the common errors conditions (empty name, …), the module will fail if:

  1. the product identifier doesn't identify an existent product in the system;
  2. primitive feature name doesn't identify an existent classfile for the given product.

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