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KEO GeoServer WCS Inserter

The module adds a coverage to a WCS.

Input / Output description:

  • Inlet 1 url (GeoServer URL address, default "http://localhost:8080")
  • Inlet 2 user (GeoServer user, default admin)
  • Inlet 3 password (GeoServer password, default geoserver)
  • Inlet 4 workspace (GeoServer workspace destination, default keo)
  • Inlet 5 store (Desired store/layer name. Please note, in case of shapefile the layer name must be the same as the shapefile in the .zip file; E.g. if cities.shp is in the zipfile, it must be cities)
  • Inlet 6 type (GeoServer store type, supported types are raster {geotiff}, vectorial {shp})
  • Inlet 7 inputFile (file to save)
  • Outlet 1 done (boolean describing if operation succedeed)

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