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Image Motivation
          Objectives / Scope
          Rules / Procedure


Motivation   Top

Research groups working on developing applications based on Earth Observation (EO) images typically work on cases of research interest, using local infrastructure not connected with other centres, either operational or for research. Therefore they naturally tend to focus on topics which might not be of immediate interest to organisations with specific operational tasks and expose their results only through publications. Virtual laboratories seek to provide significantly more information exchange opportunities for research and education by integrating resources of various partners and enabling joined research projects focused on specific issues.


Objectives / Scope   Top

The IIMvLab objectives are to:

  Image Ensure availability of operational case studies (questions to be answered)
  Image Permit e-collaboration among researchers and with operational entities
  Image Promote suitable solutions

The IIMvLab scope is limited to the case studies proposed by the IIMCG.


Resources   Top

The IIMvLab will be based on these initial resources:


One Reference Data Set (RDS) for each operational case study that will:

  Image Describe the question to be answered
  Image Provide related images, data and information
  Image Provide (as possible) data and tools for automated result verification
  Image Permit loading (through RDS administrator) of results, documents, auxiliary data, modules, etc.
  Image Remain constantly available for new solutions or evolutions


Access to all KEO resources for e-collaboration:

  Image Processing infrastructure
  Image KEO client
  Image Processing Components


Wiki or Forum for interactions' support


Rules / Procedure   Top


Participation to the IIMvLab requires:

  Image Registration for access to the resources
  Image Acceptance of Terms and Conditions, when requested, in particular for specific images
  Image As defined within the Terms and Conditions (when applicable) the images shall be used only for the case study purposes
  Image Any result shall be freely available for publication (the need to postpone for a maximum number of months their publication might be considered)


The following procedure, even if focused on new case studies, is equally applicable to the old ones, which will remain open until further notice:

  Image The IIMCG defines a new case study
  Image ESA creates and populates a new RDS and sends a circular e-mail
  Image Interested partners request access to ESA
  Image During development, the partner might have direct access to specific contact points and to result assessment methods
  Image The partner informs ESA when and where results are available
  Image ESA collects results into related RDS and informs the concerned IIMCG member
  Image The concerned IIMCG member makes the results assessed and provides assessment results to ESA
  Image ESA loads assessment results into the RDS and informs the partner
  Image The IIMCG foster publication of successful results on suitable media (e.g.: ESA Workshop Proceedings associated to the ESA-EUSC-JRC Conferences, other related publications, etc.)


Experiments   Top

Experiment 1: Bridging the gap with operations  

Jan Ebeltjes, EUSC - November 4, 2009

Reference Data Set

EUSC summary J. Ebeltijs Presentation (10 MB)
Case study on Object-Based Image Analysis for Land Cover classification in security and emergency application L. Brodsky Presentation (22.4 MB)
Paper (0.4 MB)
Semi-automatic classification and semantic annotation of very high resolution satellite images D. Bratasanu Presentation (9 MB)
Feature Extraction using ENVI I. Echave Calvo Paper (3.26 MB)
Morphological Descriptiors and Spatial Aggregations for Characterizing Damaged Buildings in Very High Resolution Images L. Gueguen Presentation (3.08 MB)
Paper (0.6 MB)
Multi-class Automated and semi-automated feature extraction using ERDAS IMAGINE Objective M. Lane Presentation (5.85 MB)
Paper (1.19 MB)
Change Detection with medium resolution satellite imagery I. Hernandez Ramiro Presentation (1.85 MB)
Paper (1.63 MB)

Experiment 2: L'Aquila Area Earthquake

Salvatore Stramondo, INGV - April 20, 2010

Reference Data Set

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