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HMA-T Testbed

HMA Testbed Phase 2

HMA-T has been split into two phases and this page addresses the second phase.
A summary of the main results of the first phase is available at HMA Testbed Phase 1.


The objective of this activity are:

  • To permit the evolution and test of the interoperability standards which have been initially defined within the HMA contract within the years 2006-2008, in parallel with the EO Data Access Integration Layer EO-DAIL implementation and the implementation of the specified interfaces within the partners’ ground segments.
  • To permit the conformance testing of any of the HMA adopted standards and to support industry and institutions in the testing of their own products or developments. Reference for conformance testing shall be considered the Compliance & Interoperability Testing & Evaluation Initiative - CITE environment developed by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the Web Map Service.
  • To support the take up of HMA defined standards by European Institutional Users (e.g. INSPIRE Legally Mandated Organisations (LMOs) and geospatial software product developers.

Main Expected Results

The expected outcomes of Phase 2 grouped per HMA interface are listed below. More details are available here.

Service and Collection Discovery
- OGC 07-038 CITE conformance tests
- OGC 07-038 Open-source implementation with GI-cat

- OGC 06-131 CITE conformance tests
- OGC 06-131 Open-source implementation with GI-cat
- OGC 06-131 Proxy implementation for Spot Image Dali
- OGC 06-131 Implementation for VITO products
- OGC 06-080 GML Application Schema for EO data extensions for (VITO) synthesis products

- OGC 07-018 SPS implementation for Optical and Radar products

On-Line Data Access
- OGC 07-063: Open-source implementation of EO Profile for WMS

User Management
- OGC 07-118: CITE conformance tests
- OGC 07-118: Open-source implementation with SSE Toolbox
- OGC 07-118: Integration and implementation for G-POD Grid

Phase 2 Schedule

MilestoneTimePlanned DateDescription
KO T02-3 July 2008Kick Off
AR-1 T0+7M18-19 february 2009Acceptance Review Part 1
AR-2 T0+9M15-16 July 2009Acceptance Review Part 2
FPT0+11Mdates: 14 (pm) & 15 December 2009Final Presentation

Project member resources

- HMA-T Baseline
- HMA-T Deliverables
- HMA-T TEAM Engines and Service endpoints for testing and demonstration
- HMA-T Progress Reports
- HMA-T Contributions
- HMA-T List of Meetings
- SSE Testbed
- HMA Skeleton
- HMA Open Software
- ISO/TC 211 standards and XML Schemas

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