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HMA-T Progress Spot Image 0812

!HMA-T Progress December 2008 Spot Image


Key Problem List

Waiting for the final version of SPS specification.

Risk Table

ID Risk Title Severity Likelihood Risk Index Risk Domain Action and status
1      OGC spec SPS v1.0 delayed high low 1 requirements baseline Participate to telecon and OGC TC to ensure the specification is on time

WP1100: Requirements baseline

Activities performed
  • Meeting with SPS editor - draft version of SPS specification received at the very end of 2008.

WP1221: SPS EO Library 

Activities performed
  • Final version delivered

WP1222: SPS EO server implementation

Activities performed
  • SPS under implementation

Plans for next period
  • Update draft SPS EO specification 2.0 (RIDS)
  • SPS implementation with notifications mecanism


Project Manager Assessment

Project on time.

Key Problem List

  • No real client yet. Erdas client is available but very simple. SSE client needs to be updated for compliance with CSW 0.2.2. Client of Jérôme Gasperi has been installed but did not work.

Risk Table

  • None

WP1000: Project Management and configuration management

Activities performed
  • Managing rights to allow external clients to connect to the proxy.
Plans for next period
  • Upload of official Catalog HMA Interface document on the twiki
  • Deployment of the final version of the proxy
  • Tests with the SSE client

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