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HMA-T Progress Spacebel 0902

!HMA-T Progress february 2009 Spacebel

Project Manager Assessment

The status of the project is nominal with the exception of Infoterra-Uk and IGN-F which have extended their planning.  New planning was agreed at the AR-1 meeting.

Key Problem List


Risk Table

ID Risk Title                          Severity Likelihood Risk Index Risk Domain Action and status
1      CITE implementations late 3           2              6              schedule      Monitor technical progress monthly
2      HMA ICD change              2           3              9              cost             Forsee consolidation phase at end.
4      Unstable TEAM engine       3           2              6              quality         Early tests in ERGO

Deliverables List

The following documents have been delivered:

  • HMAT-SPMP-0002-SPB, Software Project management Plan, Issue 1, revision 3, 25/08/08.

WP2110: Project Management

Activities performed

  • Update of several Wiki pages to close outstanding actions.
  • Communication with Spot image related to non-compliances of their endpoint with the OGC 06-131 applicable specification.
  • Preparation of AR-1 meeting, planned for February 18-19 2009.
  • Review of AR-1 deliverables prepared by the subcontractors
  • Organisation of cross-review process and preparation of AR-1 RIDs
  • Organisation of AR-1 review 18-19 february 2009.
  • Collection of reference data for EO GML, collection metadata and sample request/responses for OGC 06-131.
  • Publication of updated 07-118 specification on the Wiki baseline page.
  • Update of open action list and Wiki pages.

Outcomes and results

  • Minutes of Meeting AR-1 Review.
  • Updated action list in MS-Excel format.

Problems and concerns

  • TEAM engine update and CTL change request should be agreed soon with OGC and baseline TEAM engine made available to all partners.

Plans for next period

  • Organisation and preparation of attendance to OGC TC in Athens. 
  • Participation to discovery/ontology workshop in ESRIN 4 march 2009.


WP2710: Standardisation and Technology Watch

Activities performed

  • Investigation of ISO19139 issues with schemas and approach for metadata definition, also in relation with the INSPIRE MD Guidance document.
  • Implementation of OGC 06-131 version 0.2.2 client for Spot Image Dali catalogue has started.  Several non-compliances were communicated to ERDAS and Spotimage. The implementation is on-hold until the non-compliances are resolved.
  • Collection of sample metadata: OGC 06-080 and ISO 19139.
  • Development of ant script to verify compliance of OGC 06-080 examples wrt Schematron files included in OGC 06-080 datapack and compliance with related XML schemas.  Scripts will be published on the HMA-T Wiki shortly.
  • Synchronisation with Framecontract to publish sample resuest/responses for OGC 06-131 version 0.2.2 on the HMA-Skeleton Wiki page.

Outcomes and results

  • Ant script to validate EO GML OGC 06-080 sample files.

Problems and concerns

  • Awaiting update of Spot Image 06-131 implementation.

Plans for next period

  • Completion of OGC 06-131 version 0.2.2 client to be connected to Spot Image Dali catalogue.


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