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HMA-T Progress Infoterra 0902

HMA-T Progress February 2009 Infoterra Ltd.

Project Manager Assessment

The status of the project is nominal.

Key Problem List

  • None

Risk Table

ID Risk Title                          Severity Likelihood Risk Index Risk Domain Action and status

Deliverables List

The following documents have been delivered:
Updated WMS EO Application Profile, OGC-07-063r1, 31/10/2008

WP1100: Project Management

Activities performed
  • Supported the AR-1 via telco
  • Resource Planning
  • Progress Planning

Outcomes and results

  • Refocus of project plan on AR-2 delivery and acceptance

Problems and concerns
  • None

Plans for next period
  • Review progress of reference implementation and on Actions


WP2100: OGC WMS EO extension update

Activities performed
  • Review extension specification on the basis of the AR-2 RIDs and Actions raised

Outcomes and results
  • OGC e-vote in favour of update of WMS EO extension (OGC-07-063r1) as Best Practice.

Problems and concerns
  • None

Plans for next period
  • Investigate different use cases for EO Product discovery and viewing.

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