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HMA-T Progress ERDAS 0901

HMA-T Progress january 2008 Erdas

Project Manager Assessment

The status of the project is nominal.

Key Problem List

Mapping 1-1 between EO GML & EO EP makes syncrhonization of specification hard and difficult to extend the schemas
As people are beginning to read the documents to implemente the CITE testing, problems/comments are only arriving now, this could delay a bit the final version of the documents.

Risk Table

Vote won't be finalised for OGC TC of June.

Deliverables List

WP2000: CIM Extension

Activities performed
Update of the document and start vote in the SWG to request RFC, many comments received.

Outcomes and results

Plans for next period

Update the document and start the public RFC

WP3000: EO Extension

Activities performed

Received many comments from CITE testing.

Outcomes and results

Plans for next period

Fix comments received from group and RFC.

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