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HMA-T OGC 06-131 Issues

!HMA-T OGC 06-131 Issues (Link to OGC Issue tracker)

Version 0.2.2

Identifier Originating Project Originator Description Status
 HMAT-1  HMA-T  SPB The parentIdentifier is used in a number of examples where it does not respect the convention defined in section 10.1. There is one example of GetCapabilities response which returns collection names and another example in the "conformance" annex which includes a collection name not respecting the convention. Open
 HMAT-2  HMA-T  CNR-IMAA the document contains references to an undefined property RepositoryItemFor Open
 HMAT-3  HMA-T  CNR-IMAA in table 3 the Xpath /eop:EarthObservation/gml:target/hma:Footprint/gml:multiExtentOf should read /eop:EarthObservation/gml:target/eop:Footprint/gml:multiExtentOf ("hma" prefix replaced with "eop") Open
 HMAT-4  HMA-T  CNR-IMAA o in several tables, XPath clauses seemingly refer to a namespace indicated with the alias “rimâ€?, that should be defined. We have assumed that “rimâ€? is the alias to the namespace "urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:xsd:rim:3.0" Open
 HMAT-5  HMA-T  CNR-IMAA o the ebRIM AP defines the element wrs:ExtrinsicObject to be substitutable to rim:ExtrinsicObject (see OGC 07-110r3 for the values of the wrs and rim namespace aliases), namely in getRecords responses. The document should clarify the intended mapping for both cases (the XPath clauses contained in the document only address the latter) Open
 HMAT-6  HMA-T  CNR-IMAA Annex C should validate against the ebRIM 3.0 schema Open
 HMAT-7  HMA-T  SPB Section 10.1 does not state explicitly whether the ObjectType in the Parentidentifier naming convention is always EOP or whether this may be OPT, SAR etc.  Open
DAIL-RD-SPB-EN-0023.  DAIL  SPB Section 10.1 does not specify that product identifiers are assumed to start with the parentidentifier.  Open


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