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HMA-T OGC 06-080 Issues

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Proposed Resolution






ProductType element of EarthObservationMetadata is as per the OGC06-080r4 text an element with cardinality of 0..1 intended to describe the product type "in case that mixed types are available within a single collection, this is ground segment specific definition."



According to the schema eop.xsd this element is however mandatory.

As not all collections have mixed types, we propose to make this optional in the schema


Schema change:



xs:element ref="eop:productType" minOccurs="0"










There appears to be an inconsistency between the text of the document and the xsd with respect to the cardinality of the processingInformation child elements. The text suggests that elements like processing/ProcessingInformation/method should have a cardinality of 0..n . The schema implies a cardinality of 0..1 for these elements and for the parents ProcessingInformation and processing so that one can only describe one processing step which is too limitative.


One could solve this by adjusting the cardinality at any of the three levels: processing, ProcessingInformation or ProcessingInformation children. I would propose to change the cardinality of the "middle" ProcessingInformation element to 1..n as this would allow to group the information that belongs to one processing step together within one ProcessingInformation element.







The processing/ProcessingInformation/compositeType element expects values that come from the enumeration that contains values Weekly, Daily, Monthly.

This does not allow describing all possible composites as for instance SPOT VGT 10-daily synthesis products or the MODIS NDVI 16 day composites


To have a more generic approach we would propose to use the ISO8601 format for time intervals as is for instance used in the OGC WMS Specification to express the time interval between available maps.

This gives:

Weekly P7D

Daily: P1D

Monthly: P1M

10 Daily: P10D

16 Daily: P16D

Xsd Type: duration

Perhaps to be further restricted by a pattern that would limite the period to be expressed in Days, Months, Years


xs:element name="compositeType" minOccurs="0" type="xs:duration"/>





copy/paste mistake in description of vendorSpecific elements. Table 4 last row, replace localAttribute with localValue in the following sentence:

"the localAttribute describes the value of the attribute"

5 GIM   Page 10-12 examples refer 4 times to EarthObservationEquipement.  This should be


6 GIM and IT UK  
Within the eop:EarthObservationResult there is the product/ProductInformation/filename element that is to contain the “Path to the actual product data if available onlineâ€?. OGC06-080r4 clarifies that the contents of the filename element “could be any type of URL: direct link to the image or WMS/WCS interface), it is assumed that if a client is prepared to "manage" a product delivered by e.g. WCS they would parse the URL to identify that it contains the OGC standard SERVICE=WCS. Same principle applies for the browseInformation.
1)       The semantics of the element are ill defined. The client application needs to discover the appropriate use of the URL by parsing it.
2)     the filename element is expected to contain a URL which in case of WCS, the appropriate KeyValuePair Parameters to constitute a valid GetCoverage Request. This however assumes that only the HTTP GET binding is used. In case the HTTP POST or SOAP bindings would be used, it would be more convenient to have separate elements to specify the endpoint and the POST/SOAP XML message and Header.
3)      The “Web Map Service Application Profile for EO Productsâ€? proposes a different use for this element.  It is to contain a URL to a Web Map Context document to allow passing the online reference to a group of layers (base product and mask layers and/or derived geophysical products with their appropriate styles.  

allow definition of the “filenameâ€? using the "service reference" that is proposed in OWS Common 1.2 (table 55). 

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