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HMA-T Contribution con terra

CITE Tests for 07-038 (Minimal and INSPIRE Conformance)

Activity Objectives

For the discovery of collection level data the OGC Cataloguing of ISO Metadata (CIM) using the ebRIM profile of CS-W (OGC 07-038) was developed.
Our contribution is targeted to the evolution and test of this profile. The outcome should permit easier and more interoperable implementations and better conformance testing.
This will also support an easier integration of the HMA defined standard into the INSPIRE infrastructure.
Our proposal is divided into two Work Packages (beside Project Management):

  • specification of Conformance Test Classes + Test Environment
  • mappings to bring CSW AP ebRIM EP CIM implementations into the INSPIRE context

Challenges (Problem Statement)

Some problems were detected within the OGC 07-038 specification:

  • full implementations are very complex (and so expensive)
  • it may not be possible to support all features, especially when the implementation sits on top of a legacy system
  • profile include lots of ambiguities, inconsistencies and interoperability traps
  • Examples of problems:
    • same query can be expressed in various ways
    • queryables can be expressed in various ways
    • difficult to support all queryables and operators
    • query can address different types (e.g. specific unsupported associations) in lots of combinations (alias usage)
    • resultsets are not clear defined
    • search results can include different types
    • ambiguities and inconsistencies in the WSDL

Resulting Problems

  • Organizations (e.g. EUMETSAT) are not able or willing to support full implementations
  • Implementations are not interoperable and/or cannot be integrated without case-by-case adaptations into clients (e.g. ESA client)
  • The specification is not aligned with INSPIRE. The last point is critical as collection catalogues are of great interest for other SDIs like INSPIRE. The INSPIRE Draft Implementing Rules for Discovery and View Services (IR1), Drafting Team Network Services, define:
    • “In order to provide search support for all search metadata elements as defined by the INSPIRE Metadata IRs, the OGC CSW ISO 19115/19119 Application Profile (CSW ISO AP) shall be used as the reference specification for the INSPIRE Discovery Service.â€?

For an integration into the INSPIRE context it will be necessary to define base conformance test class which is semantically aligned with INSPIRE.

Expected Output

Our contribution is targeted to the evolution and test of this profile. This should primarily permit easier and more interoperable implementations and better conformance testing. It will also support an easier integration into the INSPIRE conrext.
Our work is divided into two packages (beside Project Management):

1. Specification of Conformance Test Classes and Test Environment

  • Specification of minimal Conformance (Starting Point for developments)
  • INSPIRE (CSW AP ISO) Conformance

Those conformance classes will be based on ISO19105 and will not contradict the existing specification nor will it break any implementation! The solution consists of:

  • documentation (e.g. as Annex to OGC 07-038) including some constraints and clarifications on the CSW AP ebRIM EP CIM specification defining base and Inspire conformance classes
  • Abstract Test Suite (ATS) for the OGC CSW 2.0.2 AP ebRIM EP CIM base and Inspire conformance classes
  • Executable Test Suite (ETS -> CTL scripts). The CTL scripts can be executed by the OGC TEAM Engine against existing implementations, e.g. against existing reference implementations.
  • The documentation will also include some implementation guidance e.g for Dublin Core support (necessary to be OGC compliant)

2. Mappings to bring CSW AP ebRIM EP CIM implementations into the INSPIRE context
As Harvesting of full records is often not an option:

  • no harvesting capability may be available
  • problem of continous replication of data (long running transactions)
  • outdating of entries
  • also requires HMA adaptor

and as stored queries are static in structure…
We´ll provide implementation guidance for creation of bridges (syntax mappings) between HMA CSW AP ebRIM EP CIM Inspire class and INSPIRE CSW

Those bridges can be used:

  • in front of HMA CSW AP ebRIM EP CIM catalogues
  • within adaptors of INSPIRE Catalogues to process distributed searches on HMA CSW AP ebRIM EP CIM catalogues.

The bridges include:

  • Mappings: AP ISO collection query to ebRIM ISO collection query
  • Mappings: ebRIM results to AP ISO results for collections and perhaps datasets (brief / summary)
  • Description of workflow if a request in one spec requires calling more than one operation within the other spec

Work Plan

MilestonePlanned DateDescription
KO T02-3 July 2008Kick Off
AR-1 T0+7M30 January 2009Acceptance Review
FPT0+11M1 June 2009Final Presentation of revised documents

Related HMA Specifications

Evolution, CITE, Uptake

The results will be introduced as ISO19105 Conformance Classes as annex into the OGC 07-038 spec. We will also introduce as specific CIM Compliance Classes test environment into OGC context.

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