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HMA-T Contribution Infoterra-UK

Reference Implementation for OGC 07-063 Web Map Service - Application Profile for EO Products


The contribution by Infoterra Ltd. has a number of objectives:

  • To permit evolution and testing of interoperability standards
  • Provide full WMS EO profile reference implementation
  • Support product development and testing by industry and institutions (e.g. WMS clients)
  • Support take up of WMS EO profile by European Institutional Users
  • Describe and document an open source server implementation
  • Support HMA document updates
  • To carry OGC documentation where necessary (e.g. define Abstract Test Suite, WMS EO profile specification updates)


The particular challenges to be addressed are:

  • to look at a generic way to define Abstract Test Suites (ATS) for profiles that avoids reproducing the parent OGC specification Abstract Test Suite document
  • to look at ways to integrate the WMS EO profile with the Catalogue Service Web EO profile
  • to define how non-EO data requests, where the TIME parameter is non-mandatory, are handled
  • to investigate solutions to the problem of appropriately applying contrast stretches to false colour portrayal of EO imagery.

Expected Output

The output of the work shall be a reference implementation of the WMS EO Profile that exercises all the profile elements. Specific mandatory behaviour is:

  • handling of the mandatory TIME parameter
  • default behaviour for single band (grey scale) data, multi-band (false colour composite) data and geophysical parameter data (pseudo-colour with legend).

Optional service metadata and 'getMap' requests will handle:

  • bitmasks (spatial quality indicators)
  • geophysical data layers and associated colour legend
  • measured parameter data bands (e.g. wavelength, polarisation) selected and combined as RGB false colour composites

The reference implementation will be developed using open source components and installed at ESA.

In terms of documentation, expected outputs are:

  • mandatory documentation including OGC Abstract Test Suite, operations manual, acceptance test documentation and contributions to the HMA-T Technical Data Package
  • Technical Notes as required (see challenges above)
  • updates to the WMS EO profile based on lessons learnt during the test phase development.

Deliverables :
HMAT-TN-0003-Infoterra-UK, Guidance on integrated discovery and viewing of EO Products (linking the WMS, CS-W and GML EOP extensions), Issue 1.0, 09-04-2009
HMAT-TN-0001-Infoterra-UK, WMS_EO Profile Abstract Test Suite (ATS) , Draft 1, 23-09-2008
Note that this document acts as a template for an EO Profile Abstract Test Suite and is based on the WCS 1.1 ATS with reference to the KML 2.2 ATS document.
Additionally, guidance on defining an Abstract Test Suite document is available here

Work Plan
MilestonePlanned DateDescription
KO T02-3 July 2008Kick Off
AR-1 T0+12M30 July 2009Acceptance Review
FPT0+12M1 July 2009Final Presentation of revised documents

Related HMA Specification

OGC 07-063 Web Map Service - Application Profile for EO Products, v0.20

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