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HMA-FO Task 1

HMA Follow on Task 1

In the frame of the HMA Follow project, the Task 1 consortium consisting of ERDAS, GIM and STFC will continue the work initiated within HMA concerning the description of the Earth Observation products.

The objectives of the project are

1) To perform the extension of the EO product metadata to address:
- radar altimeter products
- limb looking products
- systematic and synthesis products.
2) Investigate the best approach to extend the corresponding EO ebRIM CSW to take into account these new product types.

Expected Results
Updated Schemas and OGC 06-080 documents
Updated Extension Package for cataloguing EO GML
Updated Skeleton software
Updated CITE tests (ATS & ETS)
Catalogue Analysis Technical Note

List of Meetings

HMA FO Task 1 metadata workshop

Technical information
New Product type Metadata
Catalog Standard updates


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