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HMA Follow on Activities

Introduction and Objectives

The objective for this project is to continue the work initiated within the HMA project addressing some specific standardisation needs which emerged in following areas:

  • HMA-FO Task 1: The extension of the EO product metadata which in its current version covers optical and radar products to address radar altimeter and limb looking products.
  • HMA-FO Task 2: The completion of the work performed on the specification of the feasibility analysis service (Sensor Planning Service) to specify unambiguously the interactions, and align the specification with the evolving OGC â??SWE commonâ?? and SPS specifications. The design and implementation of a â??demonstration and testâ?? feasibility analysis server.
  • HMA-FO Task 3:The review and update as necessary of standards for online data access. The suitability of the use of standards addressing tiling and coverages should be analyzed and applicability verified both to optical and radar products. Address the GMES Space Component (GSC) Data Access issues on how to handle datasets or collections.
  • HMA-FO Task 4:The assessment of the impact of changes on the Sensor Planning Service on the HMA order, the update of the HMA order specification and the development of an HMA order reference server.

Expected Results

The expected outcomes grouped per HMA interface are listed below.


  • Updated Schemas and OGC 06-080 documents
  • Updated Extension Package for cataloguing EO GML (06-131)
  • Updated HMA Skeleton software
  • Updated CITE tests (ATS & ETS)


  • Updated sweCommon (OGC 08-094) specification.
  • Updated SPS 2.0 (OGC09-000) specification.
  • Updated SPS for EO Application profile (OGC 07-018) specification. Including Executable Test Suite
  • Sensor Feasibility Reference Environment software version 1.0, including Source code, object code and executables and Test scripts and test data. Also all COTS and Libraries or support packages and related procedures (installation, compilation, building, â?¦).

Online Data Access

  • An Application Profile for Earth Observation Sensors extending WCS will be developed and submitted to OGC for discussion/approval;
  • Installing, running, and testing that OSS on a number of demonstration servers, including ECSS acceptance testing and conformance testing according to OGC rules;
  • Extension of the SSE WebMapViewer? as a graphical user interface for demonstrating and testing of servers implementing EO-WCS;
  • Studying advanced OGC Web Services (OWS) concepts, such as WCPS, and evaluation of modern internet based data distribution concepts for online data dissemination benchmarking with evolving EO needs to identify perspectives of possible future EO-WCS evolution.


  • the updated OGC 06-131 Ordering Services for Earth Observation products
  • the OGC 06-131 Abstract Test Suite - ATS
  • the OGC 06-131 Executable Test Suite - ETS
  • the reference Order Server:
    • OPGW Software Requirement Specification - SRS
    • OPGW Software Design Document - SDD
    • OPGW Software Validation Testing Specification - SVTS
    • OPGW Installation Plan


MilestoneTimePlanned DateDescription
KO.24 June 2009Kick Off
.T01 September 2009Project start
PM1T0+2M3 November 2009Progress teleconference Task 2 (9h30), Task 3 (10h30), Task 4 (11h30)
PM2T0+3M1 December 2009Progress teleconference Task 2 (9h30), Task 3 (10h30), Task 4 (11h30), Task 1 (14h30)
PM3T0+4M19 January 2010Progress teleconference Task 2 (9h30), Task 3 (10h30), Task 4 (11h30), Task 1 (14h30)
PRT0+5M2-3 February 2010Preliminary Review
AWGT0+5M4 February 2010Task status presentation to HMA AWG
PM4T0+7M23 March 2010Progress teleconference Task 3 (10h30), Task 4 (11h30), Task 1 (22 March 14h30), Task 2 (23 March 16h00)
PM5T0+8M27 April 2010Progress teleconference Task 3 (10h30), Task 4 (11h30), Task 1 (14h30), Task 2 (16h00)
PM6T0+9M03 June 2010Progress teleconference Task 3 (10h30), Task 4 (11h30), Task 1 (14h30), Task 2 (16h00)
WST0+10M09 June 2010WCS Scenario Workshop DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen
MTRT0+11M5,6,7 July 2010Midterm Review ESRIN Conference Room James Cook
PM7T0+14M05 October 2010Progress teleconference Task 4 (11h30), Task 1 (14h30),Task 3 (10h00-7 october), Task 2 (16h30)
ART0+17M26-27 January 2011Agenda HMA-FO AR 26-27 January 2007, ESRIN, Frascati?
PM8T0+1823. February 2011Progress teleconference Task 2, "Task, Task 4 (10:00-11:30)
FPT0+MTBD April 2011Final Presentation

OGC Standardisation Requirements

Cross Specification discussions
OWS Common 1.2 review

Project member resources

- HMA-FO Baseline
- HMA-FO Deliverables
- HMA-FO Progress Reports
- HMA-FO List of Meetings
- HMA-FO Task 1
- HMA-FO Task 2
- HMA-FO Task 3
- HMA-FO Task 4
- Supporting documents
- HMA Open Software
- HMA-FO Integrated Demonstration

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