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HMA AWG Meeting - Darmstadt 30 September 2009 Open

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Adopted Agenda



  • Overview of progress and issues from HMA standardisation work provided by Y. Coene
    • Decision on implementation timeline for the new version of catalogue aligned to OGC naming convention to be adopted in HMA AWG Closed session
    • An issue as been identified on the current status (draft discussion paper) of EO WMS, possibly an editorial mistake, to be verified with OGC staff
    • Conformance Levels survey presentation by J Martin four responses received detailing queriables supported by each of the legacy implementations
  • HMA Follow-on workplan
  • Task 1 Overview by Steven Smolders
    • Action EUMETSAT to provide information about work by University of Reading on the use of GML in NetCDF-CF
    • Action CNES to provide information about JPEG2000 format
  • Task 3 Online Data Access by S. Meissl
  • Task 4 Order presentation by Daniele Marchionni
    • Action ESA + INTECS to make a plan to align TEAM Engine for asynchronous
  • HMA Identity Management status by S. Gianfranceschi and Y. Coene
    • action align to geoXACML
  • Proposal for a Security Token Service
    • Identity management document to be updated with new use case in 2-3 weeks
    • Agreed to have a dedicated meeting on Identity Management in CNES on 24 November
    • possible meeting with MyOcean on product metadata, product format, architecture and ontology on 25 November in CNES TBC
  • Contributions to testing and reference data
  • AOB


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