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GPOD User Registration

G-POD User Registration

The Grid-Processing On Demand (G-POD) system is completely managed by a web interface (the G-POD portal), therefore, to access the G-POD services and submit your jobs on the Grid, there is no need to install any software besides a standard web browser.

G-POD is a free upon registration service. The registration can be done sending your data (Name, surname, address, company, desired service to access) to the G-POD Team email (eo-gpod@esa.int). Then, you will be provided with an username and a password and all the necessary information to start using G-POD and its services.

Request access to a G-POD service

The list of the G-POD services is available at G-POD services. To request access to one of more of these services please send an email to the G-POD Team (eo-gpod@esa.int)

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