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GPOD External Resources

G-POD External Resources

G-POD nominal resources belong to ESA and are located at ESA's computing facilities; mostly at ESRIN but also at UK-PAC.

However, thanks to the flexibility of the GRID architecture, G-POD can easily federate additional computing and storage resources.

This capability is used to temporary federate external resources during specific processing campaigns. In particular, cloud computing resources have been allocated to G-POD for the re-processing of:

- ERS SAR Wave mode

- Envisat MIPAS

The potential of the cloud computing for G-POD is very high as responds to the need to employ a high number of resources on-demand. However, the usage is external resources is limited by the burden of moving high data volumes to the external resources over the WAN. For that reason, usage of external resources is only employed for some project with a positive trade-off between the cost of transferring data against the value of large cloud computing resources.

In the past years external resources have been attached from G-POD from the following sources:

- Amazon Web Services (http://aws.amazon.com/)

- Hentner server services (http://www.hetzner.de/)

- HP private cloud demonstrator (locally deployed at ESA)

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