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G-POD Resources


The G-POD system hosts local GRID computing resources and can access Cloud resources on Demand:

G-POD has:

  • Over 350 CPU in about 70 Worker Nodes
  • Over 330 TB of local on-line Storage plus 180 TB of EO data accessed directly from the PACs.
  • Access to Cloud processing and data resources on demand (from Interoute and other providers)
  • Internal dedicated 1 Gbit LAN at ESRIN and at UK-PAC archives
  • 1 Gbps external connection
  • Software Resources on-line:
  • IDL, Matlab, BEAT, BEAM, BEST, CQFD, NEST, BRAT, Gamma
  • System: GRID Globus on Linux
  • User Portal
  • Trend: 10% yearly increment

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