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G-POD NEST Coreg Service


The G-POD NEST Coreg service implements the SAR Coregistration workflow avaialble on NEST.


The Main Parameters panel and the Data Selection of the service GUI are
common features for all the G-POD services. For a generic guide about
G-POD and the GUI of the services, please refer to the G-POD User Manual.

Supported input datasets

The service support in input the following datasets series:
ENVISAT ASAR Level-1 Image Mode SLC (IMS)
ENVISAT ASAR Level-1 Wide Swath Mode (WSM)

Custom parameters

The service exposes the follwoing default parameters for each step of the implemented workflow :

Create Stack -> GCP Select -> Warp


For the scientific explanation of each parameter refer to the NEST documentation .


1) After logging with your EO-SSO account, access the G-POD NEST Coreg service page.

2) Draw an Area of Interest (AOI) or insert the corners coordinates (e.g. : lon_min=12.2 , lat_min=41.6 , lon_max=12.9 , lat_max=42.1 ).

3) Select the input dataset and track (track 172 in the example), then set start and stop time for the data search. Then press the query button to retrieve the available product list.

4) Select the input products that you are interested to process.

In the example the follwoing products have been selected:



5) Set the Main Parameters (desciption is available in the G-POD User Manual ).

6) Set your custom parameters for each step of the workflow. For not expert users it is reccomended to keep the default parameters shown in the above section "Custom Parameters".

7) Press the button "Process it!" to start the processing.

8) Monitor the task status on the G-POD workspace.

9) Once the task is completed download the results.

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