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Functional User Requirements Documents


In the frame of the LTDP project call  FIRST a study was completed aimed at capturing and understanding Earth Science users’ needs in terms of long term preservation (including accessibility and exploitability aspects) of Earth Science data and associated knowledge necessary to support their research and application activities.

The study considers necessities and expectations from users pertaining to all the Earth Science domains and from international initiatives like the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change and addresses all possible Earth Science data categories including, but not limited to, Earth Observation space data.

Requirements have been collected by:

  • Participating to events, seminars and workshops having relation with Earth Science data requirements and utilization (e.g. LIMES, Living Planet Symposium, etc.). The focus was to understand and register what kind of data and information are used (or would be necessary to use) for the purpose of scientist, service providers and value adders.
  • Performing a survey through analysis of questionnaires (one generic and one specific). Questionnaires were sent to scientific communities of practice, public organizations (e.g. Universities and Research Centers, civil protections) and value adders (e.g. commercial entities).
  • Interviewing researchers and investigators of different fields (e.g. forestry, oceanography, atmosphere, climatology, etc.).
  • Analyzing the needs and expectations of different communities to identify commonalities (e.g. I/Rinascimento Digitale, NASA/Planetary Data System, USA/Library of Congress, InterPARES, CERN, and others; see Table 4 - References for cross comparison).
  • Analyzing existing legislation, regulations or rules of organizations having as an objective long-term data preservation or retention (e.g. OECD rules, ICSU/WDCC, ARIADNE, INSPIRE, others).

LDTP User Requirements Document and the two questionnaires sent respectively to:

1) User Community

2) EO Data Holder

are attached hereto.

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