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Fedeo - federated earth observation


FedEO (Federated Earth Observatiom missions access) provides a unique entry point to a growing number of scientific catalogues and services for EO European and Canadian missions, allowing to order and access Earth Observation (EO) dataset series and datasets.

FEDEO is deployed with ESA infrastructure as a gateway:

  • Providing brokered discovery, access and ordering capability to European/Canadian EO missions data based on HMA interfaces;
  • Implementing the OpenSearch OGC (and other) interfaces for an increased number of discoverable & accessible EO data collections;
  • Implementing the OpenSearch OGC interfaces for interfacing with CEOS Community Catalogues and Clients;

FEDEO was initially developed as prototype for GEO/GEOSS and for EO-DAIL. It was Consolidated after CEOS Plenary 2012 and PB-EO in November 2012 to guarantee equal treatment for European missions in CEOS.

OBJECTIVES and Use Scenarios

FedEO supports the following ESA EO Directorate Objectives:

  • Ensure timely and easy access to all EO data resources (current and historical) to the broad data user community;
  • Strengthen the ESA role in supporting national missions in both a European and global context;
  • Establish and reinforce strategic cooperation with international partners and strengthen ESA role in coordinating and representing MSs in the international fora;

Through providing a gateway:

  • to European EO data to facilitate discovery & access in the international context (e.g. GEO, CEOS) and the support to international initiatives and projects - (Scenario 1)
  • for European users and projects (e.g. TEPs) to European and non-European EO data - (Scenario 2)
  • facilitating ESA bilateral cooperation activities and data exchange (e.g. with NASA) – (Scenario 3)

Relation to other systems


The data providers currently reachable through FedEO include:

  • ESA EO-DAIL, part of the ESA CDS and the GMES Space Component Data Access (GSCDA) offering dataset series from GMES Contributing Missions,
  • ESA G-POD,
  • ESA M2CS offering dataset series from ESA missions including ERS, ENVISAT etc,
  • ESA SuperSite Virtual Archive 4,
  • DLR EO Web,
  • EUMETSAT Catalogue,
  • VITO Catalogue.

In addition, the following external systems are also made available through FedEO:

  • CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog
  • Alaska Satellite Facility

fedeo available dataset series

Available dataset series as of end of December 2013.

Dataset Series#Dataset Series
ESA SuperSite Virtual Archive 416
DLR EO Web16
EUMETSAT Catalogue13
VITO Catalogue1
Alaska Satellite Facility192

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