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Facility Traffic Analysis for EO

Introduction and Objectives

This project aims at developing a working prototype suited for the precise measurement of the traffic flows performances achieved in the EO ground network independently from the available tools currently used by ESA (SolarWinds and Netscout nGenius). The FACTS-EO tool will support the technical management of the network by providing on-line views of the individual flow performances down to the details necessary for fine diagnosis and troubleshooting of abnormal deviations. It also aims at generating business oriented reports at different timescales to support evaluation of the SLA for the procured EO network services. The FACTS-EO development will specifically address dissemination and circulation issues between PACs/Ground Stations and remote users. It will support Near Real Time applications and large data transfers, and it will analyze the health of key network parameters like availability and performance. It will support as well data flow analysis and complex troubleshooting.

Expected Results

The FACTS-EO development project will result in a prototype system for monitoring the performances of the traffic flowing through the EO ground network: (1) between EO PDGS sites and (2) between a PDGS site and the Internet.
FACTS-EO will permit to:

  • collect general observations on volumes, delays and abnormalities at IP layer, at UDP layer, for some UDP based upper layer protocols, at TCP layer and about TCP connections, on file transfers conducted over FTP and over HTTP
  • produce systematic service level reports over fixed time scales, according to custom designed templates
  • interactively produce on-demand specific reports, according to custom designed templates, for supporting particular flow performance troubleshooting activities
  • animate a summary dashboard of overall EO network link performances
  • offer a central point of tool administration encompassing:

- a dashboard of the tool operating health indicators
- an expert user capability to access less intuitive observations
- the necessary tool maintenance commands

Project Schedule

Phase 1

MilestoneDate Place Description
KO 2012-05-24ESRINKick-off
M1 2012-10-17AETHISSRR/PDR
M2 2013-05-07AETHISMTR
M3 2014-11-27AETHISCDR/FAR
M4 2014-12-19ESRINSAR
M5 2015-01-29ESRINFP

Phase 2

MilestoneDate Place Description
KO 2015-11-20ESRINKO
M1 2016-04-18ESRINPDR
M2 2016-06-28ESRINMTR
M3 2016-07-29ESRINCDR
M4 2016-10-31ESRINFAR
M5 2016-12-02ESRINSAR
M6 2017-01-26ESRINFP


The project is conducted by AETHIS (Belgium).

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