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The envisaged progress in ESE is based on the actual needs of user communities to allow a major step forward in the scientific exploitation of time series of EO data in the field of vegetation studies. Exactly this long time series of data is an extremely valuable source of information. The needs from both Expert Users (i.e. EO application experts) and non-Expert Users (i.e. decision makers on the base of EO data) are addressed.

The ESE project will provide powerful Web-based tools towards users to explore time series of optical EO data, mainly from low and medium resolution. This exploration of EO data can be statistical analysis as well as large scale processing of data. A key driver in the solution will hence be fast access to the data and dynamic scalability to cope with the varying demands for processing resources and data access. Furthermore, the solution will be designed towards heterogeneous data from multiple sensors, which can be made available at different data centres or even on public cloud resources. In this, the approach will be fully in line with HMA and ngEO.The ESE solution will be demonstrated during the demonstration phase in 3 Pilot projects. The related PIs will from the start of ESE be involved in the analysis of the user requirements. This approach will prepare the transfer into operations after the successful closure of ESE.

The project will consist of two phases.

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