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EO and CIM EP Common Issues

COM#01 - Multiple endpoints


Intecs ERGO implementation uses different endpoints for each operation. The current version of the CIM and EO EP tests accepts only one endpoint for all operations of a catalogue service.

Two options have be considered:

  • To provide the list of endpoints to the test suite either by extending the form or by providing a parameter files as an input to the tests;
  • Use the endpoint information provided by the getCapabilitiesDocument.

This last option seems to be preferred. There may be issues of endpoints for SOAP1.1 and SOAP1.2 since there is no standard way to manage these two versions of the SOAP binding in the getCapabilities document.

  1. IGN and Intecs will coordinate in order to identify how to deal with this requirement => Done (2009-11-05)
  2. Partners to vote on the options proposed in the two white papers (deadline 2009-11-09)
  3. IGN to incorporate the implied changes into EO and CIM EP test suites
  4. ERDAS to revise EO EP spec to fix the WSDL issue (to be confirmed)
  5. IGN to submit a change request to 07-110r4 (to be confirmed)
  6. IGN to submit a comment related to OWS Common 1.2 (to be confirmed)
  1. IGN has released a white paper on multiple endpoints discussing the issue and proposing different options for vote. Intecs has raised a new issue which is discussed in white paper related to the WSDL file and the GetCapabilities document.
  2. no input received.
  3. Changed applied to CIM EP (no catalogue with multiple endpoints to check).
  4. To be confirmed
  5. To be confirmed
  6. To be confirmed

COM#02 - "obtain" parameter in rim:request


A new "obtain" parameter has been added by CNR IMAA in the rim:request function (see function.ctl). The purpose of this new parameter is to extend the generic rim:request function to support both request calls related to the content (what was already supported by the function) and the envelope (needed for SOAP binding specific test cases).
This changes initially applied to EO EP has an impact on CIM EP. It has been TEMPORARILY disactivated to avoid CIM EP Tests to crash.

  • IGN will reactivate the changes proposed by CNR and apply them to both CIM and EO EP.
  • Target date is 2009-11-06 (Done 2009-11-10)
  • The code to test the SOAP Bindings has also been harmonized and centralized in a new function of common/functions.ctl

COM#03 - Finalization of “not implemented yet� tests


Some tests are not finalized yet. Help from partners to finalize tests marked as “not implemented yet� is welcome. Coordination with IGN is needed in case of a change to the parameters or structure of existing tests since they have been designed to be common to both extension packages.

  • Partner to consider their support to finalization of not yet implemented test and to coordinate with IGN
  • EO EP Test A1.5: EOProduct mapping (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.6: EOProduct classification (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.7: EOProduct type classification (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.10: AcquiredBy mapping (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.13: EOProductInformation mapping (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.16: EOBrowseInformation mapping (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.19: EOMaskInformation mapping (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.22: EOArchivingInformation mapping (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.23: EOProduct metadata grouping (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.24: GetRepositoryItem Id Parameter (done)
  • EO EP Test A1.26: SOAP 1.1 (Done 2009-11-10)
  • EO EP Test A2.2: SAR slot mapping (done)
  • EO EP Test A3.2: OPT slot mapping (done)
  • EO EP Test A4.3: EO Data Layer mapping (done)
  • CIM EP Test A1.9: Core mappings (done)
  • CIM EP Test A2.3: Quality conformance mapping (done)
  • CIM EP Test A2.4: MetadataPointOfContact mapping (done)
  • CIM EP Test A3.5: InformationResources mapping (done)
  • => Done

COM#04 - Id of registry object for GetRecords operation


During the teleconf dated 2009-10-09, it has been stated (see HMAT-MOM-2011-SPB): “the CIM EP CTL for GetRecords uses the ID of a metadata object ? IGN uses the ID of a registry object in their CTL ? Nicolas explains he will check and correct the test as this may be due to an update from CNR�. There is no GetRecords based on ID in CIM EP CTL. The issue relates to the GetRepositoryItem operation.

The conclusions of the Id parameter of GetRepositoryItem discussions are:

  1. The mandatory id parameter of a GetRepositoryItem operation shall be an absolute URI that specifies the identifier (typically the value of the id attribute of the *:ExtrinsicObject element returned by a GetRecords or a GetRecordbyId request) of the extrinsic object that describes the item.
  2. No change related to this issue needed in CIM CTL.
  3. CS-W ebRIM seems clear enough on this.

  • IGN will coordinate with Intecs to identify the issue and possibly with Erdas if the specification is unclear (Done => 2009-11-09)
  • Closed 2009-11-13

COM#05 - Value of 'service' parameter in GetCapabilities request


The CSW-ebRIM spec specifies that the root element in the response to a GetCapabilities request must be named “Capabilities� (local name) and be in the namespace “http://www.opengis.net/cat/wrs/1.0�. This is required because the Capabilities document is overriden with some CSW-ebRIM specific information.

This is not currently possible because the value of the 'service' parameter is inherited from CSW and set to "CSW". This issue affects test ATC1.3 of the EO EP.
A change request has been submitted to OGC on the CSW ebRIM spec in order to change the "CSW" value to "CSW-ebRIM" (cf. OGC 09-133 http://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/?artifact_id=35697&version=1).

Test ATC 1.3 verifies the advertisement of collection identifiers in the Capabilities document. However, the first step of the test checks the root element (name and namespace). Therefore, unless this change is applied to the ATC 1.3 test, it will not be possible for implementations to pass the test.

  • IGN : Change the value of the 'service' parameter to "CSW-ebRIM" in the GetCapabilities request of test ATC 1.3 of the EO EP.

  • Target date is 25/11/09. Done

COM#xx - New issue (please copy&paste before editing)



  • ...
  • Target date is ...

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