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EO EP Issues

EO#01 - Activation of the eo-0.2.4 suite on Montgomery


The versioned test suite cannot be fetched from the HMA SVN. It may be due to an incorrect value of the svn:external property or misplaced CTL files.

  • IGN will check if the SVN structure of the eo-0.2.4 is correct.
  • Done. Both the versioned and unversioned eo ep tests are available on Montgomery.

EO#02 - Registry package id vs Extrinsic object id


IGN test scripts use as input the identifier of an EOProduct extrinsic object. CNR-IMAA uses the identifier of a registry package, containing an instance of the EOProduct extrinsic object along with all the related registry objects. IGN favors the use of the id of the extrinsic object for the following reasons:

  • The extrinsic object identifier mechanism is applicable to both extension packages and can be used in the CTL code shared by both extension packages. The registry package identifier mechanism is applicable to the EO EP only (the CIM EP does not define any packaging mechanism).
  • There may be a limitation in the depth of objects that can be retrieved using the registry package identifier.
  • The registry package content can be accessed using the id of the extrinsic object of the EOProduct, see How to get the package related to an EOProduct registry object using its id?
  • It is late to design again the trunk test suite. An alternative would be to change the trunk tests by CNR-IMAA tests.

At this stage, there is no obvious reason to change the principle of the trunk tests. Access to the registry package form the registry object id as still to be performer:

  • either locally to the ctl:test using this registry package;
  • or, only once for all the ctl:test using the registry package.

Partners are invited to access the registry package locally to the ctl:test they are implementing as long as it is not done more globally.

  • IGN to centralize the access to the registry package and to add it as a parameter of the ctl:test using it.
  • Done 2009-11-25 (including integration of mappings to ATC1.5)

EO#03 - Test scripts for mappings between ebRIM registry and GML EO repository items


The tests of the mappings between the EO ebRIM registry and the repository items encoded in GML EO have to be finalized.

  • Partners to indicate whether they will to undertake this work.
  • If no partner undertakes this work, IGN will do it possibly using the existing mapping tests developed by CNR IMAA.
  • Then, Partners to further test and consolidate the mappings.

Target dates are:

  • No contribution from partner
  • Done

Last version of EO EP spec is 0.2.5. It is not supported by the current EO EP Test suite. An eoep-0.2.5 folder has to be added under the EO EP SVN trunk.

  • IGN to adapt eop-0.2.4 resource files and create the eoep-0.2.5 folder in the EO EP SVN trunk.
  • Target date is 2009-11-13 (Done 2009-11-12)

EO#xx - New issue (please copy&paste before editing)



  • ...
  • Target date is ...

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