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CryoSat Technical Notes

This section provides a repository that stores the relevant Technical Notes of the CryoSat mission.

Technical Notes

CryoSat Footprints ESA/Aresys, v1.2

Guidelines for the SAR (Delay-Doppler) L1b Processing, ESA, v2.2

On CryoSat-2 SIRAL saturation - Draft Version.

Known_biases_in CryoSat L1b , ESA/Aresys,v2.1.

Guidelines for sigma nought extraction from CryoSat-2 SAR data, v2.2

Level 2 product evolutions and quality improvements in Baseline C - IDEAS+ / ESA, V3

Main evolutions and expected quality improvements in Baseline C Level 1b products - ARESYS / ESA, V1.3

Beam Behaviour Parameters in CryoSat Level 1b products - ARESYS / ESA, V1

New Mean Sea Surface for the CryoSat L2 SAR Chain

CryoSat characterisation for FBR users - ARESYS / ESA


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