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Connecting KAOS to KEO at ESRIN

Request Access

In order to connect the KAOS client to the KEO Environment at ESRIN, you have to import the configuration file ESA.preferences following the procedure below.

Only authorized users can download it. In order to be authorized please contact the RSS TEAM rss_team"at"esa.int providing your wiki credential.

Once authorized, setup the KAOS application.

Configure the KAOS client

  • Open the KAOS client.
  • Select the File -> Preferences from the menu item:
  • Import the configuration ESA.preferences to connect to the keo installation at ESRIN


  • Press the Close button

Accessing and Registering

After installation you can access the KEO system using the following account:

Username: open-user
Password: glsod2j4Wmd33jd

You can also see the following FAQ page for more information:

KAOS User's Manual and other documentation is not included in the downloaded package (to keep is as small as possible), and can be viewed and/or downloaded from here.

After having started the KAOS application, press the Register button in the login dialog to request an account for working with the KEO system.

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