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Introduction and Objectives

The Big Data from Space - Reference Architecture Framework (BIDS-RAF) project aims at the analysis, identification and benchmarking of technologies and interfaces for setting-up a prototype architectural framework (platform) to provide an environment for development, deployment and execution of EO Big Data processing chains in an interoperable way, independently from the computing infrastructure. Such a platform shall permit to ease the creation, automation and execution of processing chains in order to support the generation of new users’ applications and services build on the valuable information content hidden within Big Data.
For this purpose a multicloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) system will be created to deploy on-demand virtual and versatile Big Data and High-Performance Computing (HPC) platforms. These platforms will provide data discovery and access services based on OGC CSW and WCS standards, access to remote sensing libraries and toolboxes, integrated Big Data and HPC distributed computing environment and a serverless application framework facilitating the deployment of OGC WPS service.
To demonstrate the relevancy and the versatility of the framework, three computing intensive use cases using Sentinel 2 data will be deployed:
- An OGC WPS Digital Terrain Model(DTM) generation service using S2P stereo pipeline;
- An OGC Pub Sub land-cover segmentation service using a Deep Learning model trained on Corine Land Cover (CLC) data.

Expected Results

The project expects to create a multicloud framework for the on-demand deployment of versatile and scalable computing platforms adapted to all forms of distributed computing loads (Big Data, HPC, Deep Learning), offering simplified access to Earth observation data and thus facilitating the creation and the interoperability of value-added services taking advantage of the flexibility offered by cloud platforms and more particularly the Data and Information Access Systems (DIAS).
The framework will be composed of:
- An IaC brokering solution compatible with EO European cloud providers
- A PaaS command line tool capable to:
o Deploy on demand the computing platforms
o Upscale and downscale the computing platforms
- A data access gateway to act as a middleware between various EO data source and compatible with OGC CSW and OGC WPS standards
- A serverless command line tool to deploy OGC WPS services on the platforms


KOT0April 2018Kick Off
PR1T0+1May 2018Product Roadmap Meeting 1
RR1T0+8December 2018Release Review Meeting 1
PR2T0+9January 2019Product Roadmap Meeting 2
RR2T0+16September 2019Release Review Meeting 2
FPT0+18 October 2019 Final Presentation




BIDS-RAF V1 Delivery

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