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Areas of Improvements

The LTDP Guidelines are intended to be a living document and are updated periodically to include the results of implementations projects initiated in the frame of the LTDP cooperation and programme.

Areas of improvement are continuously collected. The document summarize the results, feedback and comments raised in the frame of the Agency LTDP guidelines implementation projects and studies.

  1. to highlight areas for improvements of LTDP the guideline, some of which not yet mature enough to be incorporated in the next release of the guideline,  but that should to be addressed in the next future as recommended by the current guidelines implementation projects results and from the LTDP gap assessment analysis;
  2. to make a proposal for those improvements areas that could be included in the next release of the guidelines (Issue 2.0) 

This document summarized comments and recommendation for improvements areas of the current version of LTDP Guidelines (version 1.1) that have been collected from:

  • Preserved Data Set Composition Definition
  • FIRST study
  • LAST study
  • Alignment with RAC metrics and certification framework
  • Technical procedures from implementing the guidelines through pilot LTDP projects started at ESA
  • Consolidation of the composition of the “Preserved Data Content Standard” through pilot projects at ESA
  • LTDP Second Workshop Presentations RD7
  • Comments/feedback from Working Group
  • Comments/feedback received during this workshop and from the completion of the “Impact Analysis Table” by ESA
  • Others comments deriving from implementing the guidelines through pilot LTDP projects at ESA

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