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Introduction and Objectives

The objectives of the Automated Service Builder (ASB) project are to:

  1. Perform an analysis of end-to-end processing models for current Earth Observation missions and related Processing Facilities (PFs). The processing chains will be studied and characterized by their steps, auxiliary and intermediary products, and final products, among others.
  2. Study and apply new application management paradigm based on OGC WPS (Web Processing Services) and Virtual Appliances (vApps), to the complex processing chains deployed in the PDGS Processing Facilities.
    In particular, the use of new application paradigms shall improve the following aspects of the IPFs:
      • Flexibility
      • Performances
      • Scalability
      • Parallelization
      • Modularity
      • Updates and Upgrades
  3. Develop and implement a demonstrator permitting to automate as much as possible the integration and provision of IPF services
  4. Demonstrate the new concept considering current ESA Earth Observation missions processing chains and related re-processing campaigns.

Two Earth Observation missions will be considered for performing the analysis and implementing the demonstrator:

Additional activities are planned in the context of a CCN for adding new capabilities to the ASB prototype.

Expected Results

The project expects to create a common platform for the execution of heterogeneous processing chains (workflows) by the identification of generic requirements and differentiating features.
The project aims to produce a Demonstrator allowing to process or re-process data (raw or lesser-level) from the SMOS and PROBA-V missions to produce higher-level products.
The ASB Demonstrator will be composed of:

    • A Resource Manager that will deploy and undeploy automatically in a Cloud environment the individual processes required to execute a chain.
    • A Service Builder that will prepare end-to-end processing chains according to product demands.
    • A central Orchestrator that will orchestrate the execution of the workflows in the Cloud environment.
    • A Knowledge System for easy storage and retrieval of workflows and processes structures.
    • A Credit System for the management, budgeting and accounting of ICT resources.
    • A Monitoring and Control Interface.

ASB and the individual processes will be interfaced through OGC standard WPS.


KOT015 Dec 2014Kick Off
SRRT0+3M15 Jun 2015System Requirements Review
PDRT0+6M17 Dec 2015Preliminary Design Review
CDRT0+9M03 May 2016Critical Design Review
ART0+12M19 Dec 2016Acceptance Review
FPT0+15M12 Jul 2017Final Presentation
CCNFP+12M30 Oct 2018Contract Change Notice
EoWFP+18M30 Oct 2018End of Warranty

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