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Observation Requirements Table2

Dear Colleagues,

As Head of the Cataln ErathObservation Program and far away investigator for the Antartic Program, I've been cheking with interest the document summary on sentinels and cryosphere. Unfortunately on table 2 appearsinto brakers the terms (T) and (G) and I'd like to concrete the meaning because my interpretation of this simbols could be not correct.

Additionaly I'd like to precise if broadly speaking snowline (mopuntain glacier parameter) that's mean ELA (equilibrium line)


Re: Observation Requirements Table2

Dear Jordi Corbera,
thank you for posting the questions. (T) in Table 2 stands for 'Threshold', i.e. the lowest requirement to be met to ensure that data are useful, and (G) stands for 'Goal', i.e. the ideal requirement above which further improvement is not necessary (we will add this explanation to the table description in the next document version). Regarding the definition of snowline, I will ask my project colleagues specialized in snow mapping for explanation.

With best regards --- Zbynek Malenovsky

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