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coastal zones

I have read the ocean document and find it very shallow. This makes it hard to comment upon. It reminds me of the old day of remote sensing when these documents were made to convince people of the enormous potential of satellite observations.

In the last two decades all fields of satellite based research have made great progress and it is too easy to state that we should focus on parameter A from sensor B.

For the science of the OLCI instrument on Sentinel 3 it is clear that this document can not be the start of a discussion on scientific development. All the good work of the IOCCG working group is missing. This group has identified the gaps and potentials of ocean colour research; it recognizes the fundamental differences between science for the ocean and coastal zone. see http://www.ioccg.org/

Also very important is that the IOCCG manages to couple science to problems that face society. As a scientist in the field of environmental research I do recognize that this is an important aspect of new scientific research. Something that has been not been recognized by ESA for too long.

Re: coastal zones

Dear Hans van der Woerd,
thank you for your opinion and recommendation regarding IOCCG. In fact, the ocean document has been distributed among board members of IOCCG at the time of starting this Internet forum. We are looking forward their comments and suggestions that will be used to up-date/improve the current version. A new version, taking into account also outputs of this forum, should be less shallow, including better distinction between open ocean and coastal zones. Still, the aim of this document is not to provide a detailed outlook for one (each) Sentinel sensor (e.g. OLCI), but rather to discuss a potential synergistic use of several Sentinel's sensors towards new ocean space-borne products.

With best regards --- Zbynek Malenovsky

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