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ESA HMA integration platform

Some thoughts at the end of the year:

Being involved in different projects trying to use OGC-, GMES-, and INSPIRE Services I have often seen how frustrating it is to try to find appropriate and really usable (performant, up and running) services. There are tons of portal- and service-prototypes which are hard to find and really seldom usable (service has gone, service down, too slow,...).

I guess for the success of the HMA project it would be really helpful to have a client (and server - the DAIL) which is permantly there, advertised, and (very important) easy to find (e.g. from the ESA home page - this would be very important) and integrating lots of data providers (GS): not a test-bed more a permanent well managed integration portal (much more than GEOSS is). Further all services should be described by CIM service-metadata (maybe including some additional technical information on the performance and availability) and easily to discover/visualize.
Ideally the data can be "ordered" as WMS/WCS (we have started with this for EUMETSAT).

Best regards and happy new year,
Uwe Voges

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