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New SPOT Dali test platform

SSE Service Providers should take note of the following message from SPOTImage, and react accordingly, if necessary.


We have switched our test platform on new servers last friday evening. The goal of this upgrade was :

1. For project demonstration, propose a test platform updated with real and daily images
2. For project qualification, propose a test platform including a known and unchanged set of images

The goal is not perfectly reached for the moment but should be reached before end of this week.

Now, the new test platform propose :
1. the same metadata as the operationnal platform
2. Images from 2006
3. Some images from 2009
4. All images acquired since last friday

For the end of the week, you will have acces to all images acquired during 2006 and all images acquired
during the last 12 months.

Notice that the URL have slightly changed : becomes becomes

No operational ESA Workflows (and hence services) are affected by this change. Some services from Spotimage, on both SSE Portals, may be affected. In particular, DirectWCTS may be affected.

Best Regards,


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