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Additional Comments on HMA-S

as received from our colleagues in DLR:

OGC 13-026 - 0.0.2 - OpenSearch Extension for Earth Observation
- overall document seems good and ready for implementation (I did not yet analyze the metadata details)
- I greatly appreciate the " OpenSearch Parameter Extension" in the OpenSearchDescription with the possible values.
-> this approach should be considered to be adopted by the other services
- Table 3 readability would improve if formatted with left-alignment

OGC 13-042 - 0.9.1 - RESTful Encoding of Ordering Services Framework For EO Products
- The use of OpenSearch is hidden; in section 7.2.1 one can start to guess it is related; in Section 7.3.2 , Table 7-14 it is first mentioned.
-> The document flow needs string revision
- Figures 6-1 shows OpenSearch alike URLs but the Submit operation uses POST - which could be acheived as well with an OpenSearch URL.
- Section introduces an ngEO specific interface, the relation to the Ordering Service does not become clear.
- Text after Figure 6-3, last bullet: the ROSEO service here is now a Product Download Server, which is never described anywhere.

OGC 13-039 OpenSearch Extension for Earth Observation Satellite Tasking
- The scope is not really "Satellite Tasking" it rather does "Satellite Tasking (pre-)Feasability queries"
- It does not describe how a tasking query result is selected to perform the real tasking.
- The OpenSearchDescription document would profit from the " OpenSearch Parameter Extension" for value lists (see OGC 13-026).

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