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LTDP Guidelines

During the 1stEarth Observation Long Term Data Preservation workshop in May 2008, the draft guidelines and the framework were presented and discussed by all European and Canadian Earth Observation space data owners and archive holders. The participants discussed and developed a joint strategy to advance long-term data preservation of EO data both technically and programmatically and recognized the need and benefit of a common approach.

Furthermore all participants agreed on the draft LTDP Common Guidelines presented at the workshop as a first concrete and fundamental step to move ahead in creating the Long Term Data Preservation Framework. The guidelines should be adopted for old missions with a step-wise approach and straightforward for new missions and projects. ESA was given the task to trigger and coordinate the following steps toward the progressive European LTDP Framework implementation. A consolidated European LTDP Common Guidelines document has been produced by the LTDP working group on the basis of the comments and feed-backs received during the LTDP workshop.

The document has been submitted in June 2009 to a public review process with the goal to collect additional comments and feed-backs from Earth Observation space data owners and archive holders and to issue an as large as possible agreed version of the document for the end of 2009. The first issue (Issue 1.0) of the European LTDP Common Guidelines was produced by the LTDP WG starting from the feed-back and comments received in the public review process and was formally approved by GSCB. The second issue (Issue 1.1) is an update of the previous one with the goal to have a better alignment with the OAIS standard. The LTDP Guidelines are intended to be a living document and are updated periodically to include the results of additional cooperation activities in Europe.

A third issue (Issue 2.0) was also produced (alignment with RAC metrics and updating of the definition of the Preserved Data Set Content Standard).
The document addresses the following nine main themes defining for each the “Guiding Principle” and the “Key Guidelines”:
- Preserved data set composition
- Archives maintenance and data integrity
- Archives operations
- Data security
- Data ingestion
- Data access and interoperability
- Data exploitation and re-processing
- Standardization
- Data Purging/Appraisal

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