SAFE OGC Metadata Mapping

Dear All,

Please, find attached the excel table with all the metadata mapped/not mapped from SAFE 1.3 and SAFE 2.0 (presented at PDR-C) to OGC.

Three tabs have been created in the excel file:

- SAFE Metadata mapped to OGC: SAFE metadata that have been mapped to OGC. These are candidates to be dropped from the Core Document (because they are already part of OGC EOP O&M).

- SAFE Metadata not mapped to OGC: SAFE metadata that have not been mapped to OGC. These are the candidates to be included in the Core Document (SAFE-OWN extension).

- QA4EO Metadata: Metadata aligned with QA4EO. The decision of adopting or not these metadata (in SAFE 2.0) is still pending to be confirmed after further analysis of the ESA PDGS Catalogue Metadata.

For the sake of simplicity, we have decided not to provide detailed information for each metadata mapping. We think that this would help you to track easily the metadata elements.

Any comments are welcome.

Thank you very much.

The original document is available at