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HMA Cookbook Feedback

Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility
Design Methodology, Architecture and Use of Geospatial Standards for the Ground Segment Support of Earth Observation Missions
ESA Reference: TM21
Publication Date: April 2012

Re: HMA Cookbook Feedback

Page 12 - 1.3.3 Stakeholder Perspective
Add UKSA (United Kingdom Space Agency) in the list

Page 14 - 1.3.4 User Expectations
A bullet for Processing is missing

Page 135 - Table 5.8 Description of the HMA Processing Service - Processing Core Interface - DescribeProcess line
... that can be executed by an execute operation, including....
"execute" should be in italic as it is the operation

Page 145 - 6.1 Selected Examples of Next Steps
Reference to section 6.2.x should be section 6.1 (this section)

Page 149 - 6.1.3 Processing Services and Cloud Computing
2nd paragraph: Should add reference to "Globus toolkit"
3rd paragraph: "hybrid cloud" wording ambiguous, what does it mean?

Page 150 - 6.1.4 Analysis and Design Methodologies for HMA Applications
2nd paragraph: SOAD: if this is the first time we use this acronym we need to add the definition in brackets

Page 150 - 6.2 How Changes to the Standards Are Managed
2nd paragraph: Should add UKSA

Page 152 - 6.3 Concluding Remarks
6th paragraph (bullet list): Product Visualisation Missing

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