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Mission documentation enhancement

The new SAFE standard shall provide specifications for the enhancement of the SAFE documentation so the SAFE control books should briefly describe all the documents that could give a better insight on product generation background (i.e. mission description, sensor description, etc...)

OAIS recommends the implementation of a knowledge network preserving all documentation on the mission and sensor. This could be supported within SAFE by referencing these documents within SAFE. Additionally, it is useful to know for each product type the auxiliary files necessary for its processing to superior levels. So it is proposed to add the following fields in the standard specification:

- References to mission specific documents to implement the knowledge network in OAIS
- List of auxiliary files needed for data processing to obtain superior level product types.

The preservation of the SAFE documentation (fundamental for the complete understanding of SAFE products) shall be carried out with the same care used for products. The preservation format shall be such that it can be read without specific software that is not guaranteed to be maintained in long-term. The preservation of control books should be defined in a format that can be specified using an ASCII-text based schema (e.g. doclet) and using images that can be directly accessed without any pre-elaboration (e.g.bitmap)

SAFE specifications can be produced in the scope of different projects leading to a proliferation of specifications not managed by a centralized authority. A specification configuration control process for the SAFE control book elaboration shall be defined to describe all the steps required for the production, publication and editing of an official SAFE specification authorized by the SAFE management body.

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