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Framing and Virtual Framing

All the information necessary to derive the geographic footprint of a product in SAFE format, should be preserved as suitable in the control book (algorithm) and in the manifest file (algorithm input/parametric data).

It would be useful to have a clear correlation between the corner coordinates of a product footprint and the time these corners correspond to. Therefore a convention shall be defined for the sequence of corner coordinates allowing to tie them to the acquisition times. As a guideline there shall be 4 corner coordinates for each frame (for the sake of simplicity, a small 4 corner frame has a clear spatio-temporal correlation as linear speed can be considered constant); the interpolation algorithm between 2 corners shall be defined both for the scanline direction as well as for the flight direction.

All stripline products should be subdivided into frames at metadata level (Virtual Framing). It is still to be defined how to address the metadata that require even more granularity (e.g. quarter frame for cloud coverage)

This would provide two major advantages for the product management:
- A better spatio-temporal information manipulation
- Product subsetting by SAFE SW toolset

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