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RSS: Tailored Cutting-edge solutions for EO Open Science and Future EO

From November 12th to 16th during the Φ week 2018 at ESRIN in Frascati, the ESA Research and Service Support (RSS) staff will be available to answer questions about new solutions for EO data exploitation. As a matter of fact, the RSS service makes available various solutions to facilitate EO Open Science and innovation. Such solutions initially designed to support the EO research process in all its phases, have been successively extended and evolved in order to comprehensively and timely satisfy new emerging needs of the larger and larger community of EO data users.

Compared to ten years ago, today the RSS user community includes new types of data users such as start-ups, educators, students, data scientists. To respond to the new requirements defined by these new users, besides the existing ones, RSS has developed new ad-hoc solutions. Examples of the available categories of solutions include the RSS CloudToolbox, thought for autonomous users and equipped with customisable resources and software; the RSS algorithm development environment thought for users needing support during the development phase; and the RSS scalable processing environment supporting parallel computation and capable to dynamically allocate cloud resources as needed in case of research projects with challenging timelines.

All these types of solutions can be properly tailored according to the requirements provided by the users, and are applicable to any kind of EO data, including ESA Heritage missions, Earth Explorers, Sentinels, and Third Party missions. Besides algorithm development and data processing support, it is worth to mention at least the RSS e-collaboration environment providing thematic Wikis and Forums to EO data user communities (e.g. Cryosat, Biomass, Data Science students, etc), as well as the RSS OGC services supporting fast and efficient EO data visualisation.

The RSS service model has been thought to support EO data exploitation during all the phases of the innovation process, thus covering feasibility assessment, research, development, prototyping, demonstration and validation.

Upstream of the innovation process, RSS provides tools and training to support EO education, both for Universities and Industry, thus contributing to the professional growth of the new generation of innovators and Data scientists. 

Downstream of the innovation process, RSS offers to interested scientists or developers the possibility to share as Web services within selected user communities their EO applications based on own algorithms (e.g. for beta testing) and/or open such applications to the wider community once fully validated.

We are available to provide answers to interested users describing the operational RSS solutions that are currently available for EO Open Science, as well as the new solutions that are envisaged for future EO data users. 


For more information 

RSS Portal: rssportal.esa.int

Author's email: giancarlo.rivolta@esa.int