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RSS demos at EGU, Fringe and Multitemp 2017

After EGU 2017 last month in Vienna, RSS will attend both Fringe (Helsinki, 5-9 June) and Multitemp (Bruges, 27-29 June) conferences next month. RSS staff will be available during the poster sessions of both these events to answer your questions and provide demos of available tools and services. Furthermore, RSS staff will be pleased to gather your feedback (as user) and listen to your needs as well, in order to identify and collect new requirements. The focus of our presentations and demos will be on new solutions making easier Earth Observation data access and exploitation. 


The poster that will be presented at Fringe is titled ESA Research and Service Support: making easier Sentinel-1 data exploitation, while the one for Multitemp is titled ESA Research and Service Support for Multi-temporal and Multi-mission data processing. Although from different perspectives, both posters aim at clarifying how RSS solutions simplify the work for EO data users, whether they are scientists, algorithm developers, students, or service companies.


For what regards Fringe, in particular for Sentinel-1 data exploitation, the poster introduces RSS on-demand services, e.g. for data pre-processing, as well as to obtain TOPSAR interferometric products. These on-demand services are based on SNAP, an ESA open source software, and on SBAS, a CNR-IREA algorithm.


The paper for Multitemp is related to the exploitation of timeseries applied to two different processing campaigns, respectively requested by LIST and DLR. In the first case, LIST’s objective was the generation of global flood record and inundation maps of past flood events based on the ESA archive of SAR data, while DLR work was focused on urban growth monitoring and used global ENVISAT ASAR WSM data from 2002 to 2012.


Besides these posters, we will be pleased as well to present any other relevant aspect of the RSS service you might be interested in.


See you in Helsinki and Bruges! 


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RSS Portal: rssportal.esa.int 

Author's email: giancarlo.rivolta@esa.int