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RSS Supported Seasonal Water Variations Analysis

The ESA Research & Service Support contributed to the analysis of Poyang Lake seasonal water variations by supporting the processing of Sentinel-1A products and making available the required computing resources (RSS CloudToolbox). Such analysis has been performed in the framework of the DRAGON Cooperation Programme. 

A total of 71 Sentinel-1A IW SLC products (relative orbit number 40) acquired from June 2015 to May 2016 have been processed with the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) to compute all the possible 12-day interferometric coherence maps. More than 318 GB of data were processed with a customised processing chain to produce the desired results.

The images were calibrated in order to provide 3-band data combination (Sigma0_VV, Sigma0_VH and coherence) to create the final false colours sequence of images showing Poyang Lake water surface evolution. On such sequence of images is based the video available in the news about ESA-China Dragon Cooperation Programme recently published on the ESA website: ESA’s Dragon cooperation with China extended to 2020

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RSS Portal: rssportal.esa.int

Author's email: giancarlo.rivolta@esa.int