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RSS at Big Data from Space Conference 2016 in Tenerife

In March, RSS will be present at the Big Data from Space Conference 2016 in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. We will contribute with a demo of the RSS service, a poster on our new cloud scaling engine prototype, and an oral presentation in the “Services and Apps” session, titled “Challenges and Achievements in Supporting Research and Service Development for Big Data”. 

Both the demo and the poster are scheduled on Day-1 (March 15th) between the afternoon Coffee Break and the Icebreaker, while the oral presentation is scheduled on Day-3 (March 17th) after the Lunch Break. 

This event in Tenerife aims at gathering researchers, engineers and users working in the Big Data from Space domain. Its objectives are: 


  • Identify priorities for research, technology development and innovation 
  • Widen competences and expertise of universities, research institutes, labs, SMEs and industrial actors 
  • Foster networking of experts and users towards better access and sharing of data, tools and resources 
  • Leverage innovation, spin-in and spin-off of technologies, and business development arising from research and industry progress 
  • Increase and promote the value stemming from the huge quantity of data made available nowadays (and in the future) 
  • Contribute to the EO innovation for Europe, as one of the main pillars for the Ground Segment evolution strategy 


Our demo will be focused on the presentation of the Research and Service Support services offering to interested EO data users the customised CloudToolbox service, besides the flexible processing on-demand service based on scalable grid/cloud resources. The former (CloudToolbox) is intended to support early algorithm development, when relatively limited datasets and resources are required. The latter is intended to ease the fine-tuning phase, when more resources are needed to run the algorithm in development on larger datasets, and could support processing on-demand and/or processing campaigns as well. 

If you are attending this great event in Tenerife next week, we warmly invite you to attend our demo as well, to ask as many questions as you want, and to pick-up the nice flyer describing our service (Research and Service Support: Simplify EO data exploitation). 

In the meantime, to have an idea of the RSS service, you can have a look at our e-poster “Research and Service Support: New Opportunities for EO Scientists” recently presented at the EO Science 2.0 Conference organised last year in ESRIN. 


For more information 

RSS Portal: rssportal.esa.int

Author's email: giancarlo.rivolta@esa.int