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Published by EOWeb on Fri 17 of May 2013

CryoSat reprocessed dataset for July - August 2010 now available

CryoSat data acquired in July - August 2010 has now been reprocessed and is available on the CryoSat dissemination server ftp://science-pds.cryosat.esa.int.

New users should register for access to CryoSat data via Fast Registration on ESA's Earthnet Online Portal

Published by EOWeb on Wed 15 of May 2013

CryoSat ground tracks now available as KML files

Users wishing to display CryoSat ground tracks on Google can now find the complete set June 2010 - June 2013 on the ftp://calval-pds.cryosat.esa.int server for free download.

New grounds tracks will be uploaded as soon as the yearly orbits become available. To access the KML files follow the instruction on the Ground Track page.

Published by EOWeb on Tue 14 of May 2013

CryoSat SIRAL Level 2 intermediate products now available

Following requests from the CryoSat scientific user community, SIRAL Level 2 intermediate products have now been made available for access.

These L2I products are now available on the CryoSat Science server ftp://science-pds.cryosat.esa.int following the same scheme used for the L1b, L2 and GDR products.

Currently the L2I products are also disseminated from the CryoSat Cal-Val server ftp://calval-pds.cryosat.esa.int, however this parallel dissemination of new L2I production to the Cal-Val server will be discontinued from 30 May 2013, from which date the Science server will remain the single access point for new L2I data products. Historical data present on the Cal-Val server will be gradually copied to the Science server. Access to L2I on Cal-Val will be disabled as soon as all historical data is copied to the Science server.

Baseline B reprocessed L2I data from LTA will also be made available on the Science server as soon as they are validated for dissemination.

To access CryoSat data follow the How to access CryoSat data page.

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