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Published by EOWeb on Wed 23 of Jan. 2019

US government shutdown effects on CryoSat geophysical corrections and parameters

The CryoSat users are informed that the US government shutdown currently on-going is affecting the services that are responsible for providing NOAA's input data products used in CryoSat ice and ocean processing chains.
The CryoSat L1b and L2 products with dates of validity starting on 21 December 2018 are therefore affected by this situation. As a consequence, the quality of CryoSat related geophysical corrections and derived parameters (e.g. sea ice concentration in ice products and GPD+ wet tropospheric correction in GOP) are potentially degraded.
Users will be informed at a later stage to what extent L1b/L2 parameters are directly or indirectly impacted and once the US services return to normal.


Published by EOWeb on Thu 20 of Dec 2018

7th CryoSat Quality Working Group Meeting - Presentations now online

After the successful 7th CryoSat Quality Working Group (QWG) meeting (which was held at ESA/ESRIN from 26 - 28 November 2018), all the presentations are now available to download.
Published by EOWeb on Fri 16 of Nov. 2018

7th CryoSat Quality Working Group Meeting

The 7th CryoSat Quality Working Group (QWG) meeting will take place from 26 to 28 November 2018 and will be hosted by the European Space Agency (ESA) at ESRIN in Frascati (Rome), Italy.

CryoSat QWG and validation experts will attend the meeting to present and discuss their latest results about the CryoSat Ocean Processor Baseline-C (e.g. FDM vs NOP) and Baseline-D Test Data Sets over the ice sheet and ice caps, Sea-Ice and Inland areas.

Download the agenda for the meeting to learn about the presentations.

Published by EOWeb on Thu 04 of Oct. 2018

CryoSat data unavailability update

Further to the unavailability notice published earlier today, we would like to inform users that the maintenance was completed successfully, and the SIRAL instrument resumed operations at 11:10 UTC as originally planned.
Full data unavailability shall be consolidated and announced on the CryoSat Data Unavailability Periods page.

Published by EOWeb on Thu 04 of Oct. 2018

CryoSat data unavailability on 04 October 2018

CryoSat scientific data users are informed that due to planned platform maintenance activities, SIRAL will be unavailable today the 04 October 2018 from 09:25:00 UTC (to StandBy).
The nominal operations will not be resumed before 11:10:12 UTC (to_SIN), the exact time will be confirmed in a following news item.

Published by EOWeb on Fri 21 of Sep. 2018

CryoSat ICE Baseline-D data sample available

Baseline-D ice data will be released in spring next year and will include several evolutions as well as a new data format (NetCDF).
CryoSat scientific users are informed that a sample dataset has been made available hereafter. It is intended to provide this small data set to allow users to update their tools and reading routines prior to the final official products release. This Baseline-D test data set, covering the day 22/10/2013, is available for:
Level 1 (SIR_LRM_1b, SIR_SAR_1b and SIR_SIN_1b) and
Level 2 (SIR_LRM_2_, SIR_SAR_2_ and SIR_SIN_2_).
In addition, the draft version of the updated L1b and L2 product format specification documents are also available for download.

Published by EOWeb on Tue 11 of Sep. 2018

Special CryoSat issue in Advances in Space Research journal

A special issue of the Advances in Space Research journal dedicated to CryoSat - titled "The CryoSat Satellite Altimetry Mission: Eight Years of Scientific Exploitation" - is now available to download from the Science Direct website.

The issue provides an overview of the mission and its scientific achievements after eight successful years in space. 

Published by EOWeb on Mon 06 of Aug. 2018

CryoSat Data unavailability on 01-02 August 2018

We would like to inform CryoSat users that, due to a spacecraft anomaly, no SIRAL data is available between 2018-08-01 18:43:44 UTC and 2018-08-02 16:30:58 UTC.
Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Published by EOWeb on Mon 16 of July 2018

Improved CryoSat data access

With the aim to improve Earth Observation data distribution services - as recently announced - data from the CryoSat instruments can now be freely downloaded using a dedicated HTTP platform.

The data can also be downloaded through alternative means, which are described on the CryoSat data products page.

Published by EOWeb on Mon 09 of July 2018

CryoSat data anomaly resolved

We would like to inform the CryoSat data users that the anomaly affecting the generation of data on 08 July 2018, has been resolved now.

Previously delayed data have also been generated and all operations are back to normal.

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