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SSE Newsletter 2 - January 2010

SSE Newsletter 2
22 January 2010
  New ESA Services on the SSE Portal  
  New ESA services are available on the SSE Portal.

The "MSG Product selection and download" service provides ESA Cat-1 users with a simple way to select and download MSG-SEVIRI data.
The user interface allows to define the Area of Interest first. Then time interval and channels (bands) of interest can be selected. Data are provided via ftp in hdf format.
For this first version of the service, the maximum product size available is 250MB. However, depending on users' needs and feedback such limit can be extended.
If you are a Cat-1 user, you can access the service using your EOLI-SA username and password. Try it now!
If you are not a Cat-1 user, you can request access by sending an email to sseteam@esa.int.

The "ESA layers" service is oriented to SSE Service Providers. Exploiting the new WMS features of the WebMapViewer, the SSE OGC Web Services Client, it provides SSE Service Providers with ESA layers that can be integrated in their SSE services. Resorting to this service, possible benefits are, for example, improving the service page look and feel, complementing service results with additional layers and related metadata, providing end users with GIS data that can add value to their work.

  SSE Service Providers Workshop 2009 presentations are now online  
  The SSE Service Providers Workshop 2009 web page is now available in the Join And Share Area. In it you can see the programme of the event and download the presentations.
A zip file which bundles all presentations and demo videos together is also available (~200Mb file).

The SSE Workshop 2009 was held on the 10th November 2009 in ESRIN, Frascati, Italy.
  EO Conferences and Workshops on the Join and Share Area  
  A new section dedicated to EO Conferences and Workshops is now available in the Join And Share Area. In this section information on coming events of interest for the EO community will be provided. This month we draw your attention to the GI4DM 2010 Conference, in Turin, Italy.

  New SSE Service Provider Training on the SSE Portal  
  The new SSE Training available on the SSE Portal supports Service Providers in the service design and development phases, providing concepts, examples and how-tos, useful for services integration in the SSE Portal. The training content is organized as follows:
  • Introduction: provides an overview of the SSE architecture and examples of SSE services
  • Basic Service (single operations): shows how to define and update an SSE Single operation service, i.e. consisting of just an Order or RFQ operation
  • Standard OGC Service: provides examples and help for the configuration of SSE services using OGC web service standards such as WMS, WFS, WCS
  • Basic Service (multiple operations): shows how to define and update an SSE multiple operation service, i.e consisting of Search, Present and Order
  • TOOLBOX: provides an overview of the functionality of the Development and Runtime Environments
  • Custom BPEL Workflow: supports service providers in the definition of a chained service
Try it now!

  SSE Enhancements: New SSE features and New WebMapViewer available  
  During the second half of 2009 we were busy introducing, testing and polishing new features for the SSE Portal and the WebMapviewer. This month, we are happy to make them available to all of the SSE and HMA communities. 28 patches and a number of changed files in the order of thousands have allowed fixing a large number of issues and introducing new features of which we highlight:
  • SSE services now can report multiple order statuses, doing away with the duality between completed and failed orders and hence giving users better feedback. Orders can also be cancelled.
  • SSE Service Providers can now manage the status of all of their services in a single page, saving a lot of time in case of planned maintenance activities.
  • Order/RFQ confirmation page is now optional, allowing reduction of the number of clicks necessary to place an SSE Order. Logout confirmation has also been removed, to contribute to a decrease in the number of clicks.
  • New WebMapViewer version 4.6.2 provides new CRS support, support for the GML 3.1.1 application schema for EO Products, full WFS-T support, logging of requests, SLD-WMS features, support for the Opera browser, WMS animation improvements, WFS queries using AOI and even an Hungarian translation of the user interface!
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