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Workshop Linked Open Data and OpenSearch

The - one day workshop - addressing the two topics of linked data and open source opensearch software took place in ESRIN Conference Room E on 15 January 2013 from h 9 to h 17. 

The workshop is triggered by 3 activities/projects possibly achieving very good synergy:

- the Linked Open Earth Observation Data project addressing linked data (Manolis Koubarakis)

- independent activities on OpenSearch open source sw by Jerome Gasperi, Salvatore Pinto and by Iguassu

- the outcome of the technology project SMAAD (Yves Coene)


Draft Agenda for the workshop

Start with current state of the art on the 3 topics above with presentations

Set-up splinter sessions to discuss the details and possibly agree upon follow on activities/meetings.  

h 9-915 ESA introduction and motivation

h 915-10 The LEO project: objectives, planned work M Koubarakis UOA

h 10-1045 SMAAD results (30'), status of Opensearch standardisation activities (15') Y Coene Spacebel

h 1045-1115 Coffee break 

h 1115-1230 OpenSearch Open Source J Gasperi CNES

h 1230-13 OpenSearch Data Access and Dissemination service S Pinto  EGI

h 13-14 Lunch break 

h 14-1430 OpenSearch - Iguassu

h 1430-1530 Splinter sessions 

h 1530-16 Coffee Break 

h 16-17 Plenary summary discussion and actions 


Since the objective is to achieve synergy among a number of limited initiatives, no public announcement of the workshop was given. 




- Participation/visibility on grid/cloud harmonisation and profiling work (e.g. the work done by egi) to be addressed at HMA AWG/GSCB

- Work on Linked Open Data Relevant to link EO data to non EO domains

- Plan of work in support/coordination with LEO project to be set up in followin weeks ion order to minimise effort on both sides still maximising synergy

- equivalent of EOP O&M and ISO metadata in RDF.

-        identifiers for satellites, instruments

-        ontologies for keywords (domain dependent, WMO, GEOSS, etc. )

-        RDF for attributes explaining semantics of EOP O&M attributes, classes as done by OGC,

-URI naming conventions start from O&M EO mandatory attributes

- recommendation for instrument/satellite naming convention, explanatory text in analogy to what done by OGC

- ontology/thesaury complement/coordinate with CEOS

- Big Data Workshop in November 2014 provide input in terms of priority themes: multidimemsional db, no sql dbs, distributed dbs, Linked Open Data, Semantic Web,...

- the partcipantys cponfirmed the interest for Linked Data

- OpenSearch convergence -> level of implementation needs to be checked as everything optional! And “compliance” is easy (e.g. relation)

- Many open-source components are ready for reuse 

- Benchmarking to choose right one is of interest

- standardization Grid/Cloud -> EGI is far ahead - the egi work could be taken as refernece

- Synergy needed between the various teams


Workshop participants


Manolis Koubarakis UOA

Bernard Valentin SAS

Philippe Moungaud ESA

Olivier Barois ESA

Simon Agass Catapult

Kostis Kyzirakos CWI

Jordi Farres ESA

Salvatore Pinto Egi

Daniele Marchionni Telespazio

Michele Iapaolo ESA

Andrea della Vecchia ESA

Michael Schick EUMETSAT

Jerome Gasperi CNES

Yves Coene Spacebel

Pier Giorgio Marchetti ESA


via WebEX

Erwin Goor ViTO

Gianluca Luraschi EMSA

Samuel Djavidnia EMSA

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