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Introduction and Objectives

The objective of the Web based ASI Social SDI (WASDI) project is to implement a unique, simple and intuitive interface to foster the exploitation of the asset concerning EO data and satellite products, for satisfying requirements of users’ communities and, in particular, experts/researchers in the field of Earth Sciences, managers of services and public administrations (i.e. civil protection decision makers). The WASDI project aims at developing software tools that will be available for Italian National Collaborative Ground Segment (Coll-IT), including:
- study and analysis of existing systems
- design of a solution of the system
- implementation of a quasi-operational prototype
- demonstration of its capabilities.
WASDI will permit researchers to search satellite data, in particular the Sentinel ones, display them on line, running algorithms, displaying and evaluating the results, and will allow to share these projects among different users. The results of the calculations will then be available for download, allowing local further processing, or published directly through the Web. This second possibility allows to display results in third-party web-GIS.

Expected Results

WASDI will provide an infrastructure with various modules:

  • CATALOGUE: a single and unified catalogue to search satellite images from already existing catalogues/data sources. The WASDI catalogue will allow through a unique interface and API to query several existing data sources from a single access point;
  • PROCESSING ENGINE: a processing engine for EO data directly on the server, taking advantage of the Coll-IT facilities. The execution of these processing algorithms can benefit from the potential of the existing grid and cloud infrastructures. Hence, access, processing times and bandwidth for data transfer will be optimized;
  • 2D-3D VIEWER: a 2D and 3D environment for displaying data, permitting users to immediately visualize the data retrieved through a dedicated web-based workspace. Thereby, it will be possible to navigate loaded data with a typical web-GIS, and to integrate them with third-party not-EO sources that can be useful for various users;
  • PROFILER: a user management system based on open standards currently in use at ESA and ASI. The user management subsystem will be responsible for managing the credentials and the rights of users.


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